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Canadian Men's Health & Wellbeing Innovation Challenge
CMH - Innovation Challenge - Q & A from June 5th Webinar
Question and Answers from the June 5th Webinar - 

We strongly recommend that you review the Innovation Challenge document to ensure that your submission is written in a way that aligns with the intent of this funding opportunity.  Movember wants to fund innovative, outside the box, concepts, products or services ideas that disrupt long held assumptions/ myths about men and their health in order to get men to do things differently.  Specifically, ideas should respond to the question, How can the positive elements of masculinity (eg. taking control, fixing problems, action orientation, looking out for others, etc.) be utilized to instil healthier behaviours and engage men to take action regarding their health?
When submitting the Innovation Statement, it must clearly describe how the project is innovative (What is your idea and how is it different from existing practices?  How/Why is it disruptive?)
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